Other Services

Other Services

Cashier’s Checks*
Cashier’s check gives you an alternate method of making a payment or transferring funds to another individual or company, while providing a receipt of payment for your records. Cashier’s checks have no dollar limits, making them ideal for larger purchases and transactions involving higher dollar amounts.

Wire Transfer*
On occasion, the need may arise to transfer money to another person or business quickly or over a great distance. Our wire transfer service allows you to transfer funds from your account with us into an account in another bank, or to receive funds into your account which have been transferred to you from another bank. This service is available to individuals or businesses.

Safety Deposit Boxes
Safety deposit box provides you with a safe, confidential place to store valuables, important documents and other items. The metal boxes come in a variety of sizes and require a key(s) to gain access. You receive two keys at the time of rental.

Notary Public Service
Many formal documents are required to be signed in the presence of a Notary Public and notarized as proof. Several members of our staff are licensed Notary Publics, and can provide this service to our customers at no charge.

* This service is available only to FTB customers. Fees may be incurred with these services.

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